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Estepona is an extremely pretty white pueblo by the sea. It has a micro climate providing 325 days of sunshine a year and the beaches are stunning. 

Our visionary mayor covered the maze of old town streets with flowers. Now Estepona is known as the Garden of the Costa Del Sol. Many of prettiest spots are hidden away, so to make sure you don't miss out, join one of our walking tours.


Tourism here is very low key - the complete antithesis of resorts like Benidorm. Many of the people who work in bars, restaurants and shops only speak Spanish. 


There is plenty to do, but the focus is on relaxation, making it the perfect destination for couples and small groups of friends.


We have tried to capture the experience of visiting the old town, in our Touvenir video series (more coming soon)We have also added links to some more videos that give a flavour of other areas of Estepona. 


For further information on what to see and what to do in Estepona contact us, or visit Estepona Tourism.